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How to Buy

Welcome to AMI Online Store (Thailand)
Four methods to buy AMI physical products within Thailand and digital products worldwide

Buying at the AMI Online Store
method 1 (fastest!): use Credit Cards or PayPal, the world’s most secure payment system. Simply follow the online instructions.

method 2: Order via LINE to:
method 3: Call or send order per SMS to 08-1920 0259
method 4: Email order to

Shipping charges of 100 THB apply to every order of physical goods
No shipping charges for digital delivery.

For order method 2, 3 and 4 make payments via ATM or BANK transfer to
Asia Music International Ltd.
KBank account 003-1-15292-5 (Bangkapi Branch).
Send us a copy of the transfer slip and your address.

Physical orders will be shipped via EMS (Express Mail Service) or KERRY.
For digital download via order method 1 you instantly receive a download link via Email
For digital download via order method 2,3 and 4 you will receive a download link within 12 hours after we receive your proof of payment (same as described for physical goods)