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Check out these reviews of some of Hucky’s albums on
ALL CLASSICAL GUITAR Online Reviews. Chris Dumigan is a well-known and highly respected composer, guitarist and teacher who enjoyed great popularity as a reviewer for the CLASSICAL GUITAR MAGAZINE before he created his own online reviews site.

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Guitar testing
Are you interested in listening to one of the most beautiful guitars ever? Then let us test this beauty.
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AMI Records Vinyls are also available at VINYLLICA Record Shop at Fortune Town, Bangkok.
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Here is something to relax. Watch and like Hucky's renditions of RAK RISYA, BENGAWAN SOLO, NAMTA SAENG TAI, ANAK, ARIRANG, GREENSLEEVES and many more on YouTube
All 22 tracks from the album TUNES from the HEART will be published on Hucky’s YouTube channel
Keep on checking for latest uploads

Album: Tunes from the Heart
Audio CD (AMI CD 2020-01)
Available at!/Tunes-From...
HD (320 kbps) Download (AMI DCD 2020-02)!/Tunes-From...