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Enjoy the Contemporary Thai Fusion music of
Khun-In To-sa-nga's
Off Beat Siam
Experience the ultimate playlist selection by superb tunes of some of Thailand’s legendary Music masters!

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Enjoy the great music by
Lai Muang Ensemble
Experience the ultimate playlist selection by superb tunes of some of Thailand’s legendary Folk Music masters!

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Enjoy the great music by
Masters of I-sarn
Experience the ultimate playlist selection by superb tunes of some of Thailand’s legendary Folk Music masters!

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Enjoy the great music by
Masters of I-sarn
Experience the ultimate playlist selection by superb tunes of some of Thailand’s legendary Folk Music masters!

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Richard Harvey
The Spirit of Suriyothai
The serene moments of the epic movie
All music composed & produced by Richard Harvey

Soundtrack album featuring the serene Thai selections from the legendary epic movie score.

This soundtrack album is perhaps the most brilliant recording of authentic and orchestrated Thai music ever. An excellent example of Thai music being masterly integrated into a western orchestral environment.

… a sumptuous experience, full of period instruments and graceful melodies and beautiful guitar work. Perfect for Sunday afternoon and relaxing and simply enjoying. Very ethnic, in one sense, and yet somehow contemporary - a perfect set of contradictions. The Bangkok Post (12 April, 2002)
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.... the amazing two man orchestra

Silk and Bamboo playlist on YouTube NEW!
Music of Serenity

Classical guitarist Hucky Eichelmann has never been on better form and the silken sounds of his guitar blend beautifully with Harvey’s large array of Bamboo flutes, pan pipes, Irish whistles and ocarinas. This collection of the two vastly experienced performers emphasises the serenity of music and how, across centuries and nations music can create calmness and evoke the beauty of nature. From Ecuador to Korea and spanning 6 centuries Silk and Bamboo is a fitting collaboration for Hucky and Harvey, who between them have made music with Ravi Shankar, Sir Paul McCartney, John Williams and Elvis Costello. Prepare yourself for beautiful music, brilliantly played and perfectly recorded.

Music of Serenity
The good recording makes this album consistent and balanced with excellent sound quality across all tracks. You can hear excellent deep bass tones as best as can be achieved from listening to an LP. Dr. Krairerk Sintavanuruk M.D.,
 Audiophile Magazine (August 2017)

In Silk and Bamboo, the silken sound of Eichelmann’s guitar blends beautifully with the exotic and sensual sounds created by Harvey’s collection of 12 instruments from all over the world. Although there is only two people playing, the music in the whole album has a greater feel. the two musician intended to make it to sound more like an orchestra or sitting in a cathedral, to create an interesting ‘landscape of sounds’. 
The Bangkok Post (05 January, 2001

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Hucky Eichelmann
Guitar Favourites playlist on YouTube NEW!
Soothing guitar sounds for dreaming and relaxing

AMI Records is proud to announce the release of this great compilation of guitarist Hucky Eichelmann’s sweetest and most sensual recordings, ideal for dreaming and relaxing. The album contains 22 tunes and has been re-mastered by renown sound engineer Shane Edwards at Karma Sound Studios using vintage and modern equipment from GML, Neve and api.

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Hucky Eichelmann
Guitar Favourites playlist on YouTube NEW!
All-time Classical Guitar Favourites

Official Music Video

The collection features Hucky’s favourite pieces from his extensive concert repertoire and some popular earworm and evergreen guitar tunes that capture the heart of anyone who has ever played this popular instrument.

The album, though comprising a mainly authentic classical repertoire, still has Eichelmann's signature style; creative, inventive and full of energetic musical ideas and concepts all the way through. Play Park Music

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AMI Records
Digital Sheet Music

AMI's first digital sheet music publication
of selected music from Hucky's album
available for Download NOW
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Hucky Eichelmann
With Love from Asia playlist on YouTube NEW!
Great selection of Asia’s favourite melodies

The album offers enchanting arrangements of Asia’s most loved melodies, performed in a truly Asian spirit. The album includes Sakura, Arirang, Count on me Singapore, Bengawan Solo, Rak Riya, Anak, Hucky’s mind blowing rendition disco guitar solo The Naiharn Rip-Off, Hucky’s own romance “With Love from Asia” and Nop Sothibadhu’s legendary I-sarn Variations.

In the words of GRAMMY AWARD winning pianist George Winston - “Hucky is a great guitarist, arranger, interpreter and composer. I really love his Asia album. He looks deeply into the soul of many cultures. He is truly a world citizen musically and plays with great heart and soul.”

Great selection of Asia‘s most loved melodies
The timeless album that you can listen to anytime…Through his classical guitar playing Hucky takes us to a new frontier that we have never been before. 
Hi-fi Stereo magazine (January 2003)

… truly enchanting arrangements of Asia’s best-loved melodies. Hucky’s output bridges the cultures of the East and the West and blends classical sounds with those heard in folk, mixing the serious with the popular.
 The Bangkok Post - Realtime (15 September, 2000)

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Hucky Eichelmann
Gamgah Gamgah playlist on YouTube NEW!
Virtuoso Asian Guitar Music

Superb collection of Asian world guitar music. This legendary recording as an AUDIOPHILE re-mastered CD incorporating 24 bit processing & various noise reduction algorhythms with all the dynamics and ambience of the original 1984 recording preserved.

Hucky’s amazing virtuoso guitar technique is brilliant. His expressiv playing demonstrates the highest-level of refinement and mastery. This album is a truly magnificent reference recording of classical guitar playing! (I bought CD and LP - the sound from LP was much better). Dr. Krairerk Sintavanuruk M.D., Audiophile Magazine (August 2017)

The Best of the Best for anyone who loves Asian sounding albums. Performed by one of the world’s superb guitarists…sound quality is clear and excellent…Hucky’s performance is top class. 
GM2000 Magazine (June 2003)

This album offers unlimited enjoyment, taking listeners on a mesmerizing musical journey performed by one of the world’s leading musician. 
Music Talk magazine (June 2003)
This is a (Audiophile) re-mastered work. For fans of guitar music, a must-have. 
The Bangkok Post (18 April, 2003)

A Blend of East and West
“Gumgah Gumgah” is a perfect blend of the best elements in two cultures, German and Thai, where precision, exactness and high technology exist with gentleness and the joy of life-and nicely, too. 
The NATION (04 May, 1986) about the original recording

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Hucky Eichelmann
ASEAN Guitar playlist on YouTube NEW!
Fusion of Southeast Asian Music

Official Music Video

ASEAN GUITAR features stunning musical selection from the ten ASEAN countries - Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei. Many of the pieces are equally popular in more than one country and in many cases it is quite hard to tell where the melodies actually originate from; but what all of the pieces on this album have in common is that distinctive ASEAN flavor.

THIS IS the finest guitar recording I've ever heard…
And the quality of the sound recording is even better than Michael Newman's solo guitar recorded by Sheffield Lab. 
AUDIOPHILE Magazine, December 2015 more reviews

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Hucky Eichelmann
SWEET WORDS playlist on YouTube NEW!
presents 11 compositions by King Bhumibol Adulyadej Vol.2

The different background of the arrangers on SWEET WORDS produced a great variety in styles and offered HUCKY the opportunity to step out into new musical territories. SWEET WORDS was recorded in the ancient 1000 year old monastery Saint Cyriak, deep in the heart of Germany's fabled Black Forest, which is famous for its outstanding acoustical qualities.

Wonderful recording although performed by just one guitar… One of the best hi-fi audiophile recording that everyone should own.
GM2000 magazine (July 2007)

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Reviews about this album:
Visit Hucky's official website:

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Hucky Eichelmann
playlist on YouTube NEW!
Thailand's most popular classical and folk music

Featuring a stunning renditions of Thailand's most loved classical and folk melodies, played in Hucky's unique and inimitable style.
Recorded using the latest, state-of-the-art technology, the album features Khmen Saiyoke, Kangkauw Kin Kluay, Duan Phen, Khaek Samse, Long Mae Ping, Nok Sai Bin Kam Thung and many more…

Disc of The Month (April 2014)
The Magical Melodies of Thailand album is an attest of the latest recording innovation with the 24 bit/ 96 kHz capacity. Hucky truly displays the spirit of these beloved Thai tunes. 
GM 2000 Magazine (April 2014)

Synthesis of art and technology combining superb sound recording with excellent musical arrangements and performance.
• Manager Daily Newspaper
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Hucky Eichelmann
CANDLELIGHT BLUES playlist on YouTube NEW!
presents 13 compositions by HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej, showcasing the King’s more playful musical style. This internationally acclaimed album offers a seamless blend of Swing and Blues, capturing the essence of the King's musical genius.

"Eichelmann's interpretation beautifully conveys the originality and beauty of the music, creating a captivating listening experience." Praised by
Badische Zeitung - Germany.

read more about this outstanding album

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in soft case 30,000 Thb

Manuel Rodriguez
Classical/Flamenco guitar Model C3F
VERY easy to play

TOP Solid Spruce • SIDES & BACK Sycamore (Lam)
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asian arts and collectibles'
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อีเมล Email • LINE: huckyโทร Call 08-1920 0259

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